Our Services




The Payroll Company provides comprehensive accounting outsourcing services, using various accounting systems, especially the SAP BUSINESS ONE computer systems, of which our firm has been a “partner” since December 2014, and BMS, which is available at our firm. , through the use of our public IP and via Internet.
In all cases, the documents supporting the accounting transactions will be handled with due professional responsibility and confidentiality. We also manage the accounting function in the systems that the client has installed in their company.
Among other services, the following are offered:

• Preparation of the monthly financial statements
• Outsourcing of the accounting service
• Declaration and presentation of taxes
• Certificates of income, financial statements, patents, among others
• Counseling and consulting in the accounting area



Our audit services are oriented towards the activities, objectives and goals of our clients, so they are designed to obtain a full understanding of the nature of their operations, of their information systems, as well as of the internal control used by the administration to guarantee the achievement of the planned goals.
Likewise, we offer a forensic audit service which grants an objective investigation, which allows our clients to retrieve objective conclusions  and findings, which will serve as evidence in the face of judicial proceedings or any other procedure wanted by our client.
Our audit services include:

• External financial audit
• Internal audit
• Risk audit
• Operational audit
• Administrative audit
• Forensic audit



The Payroll Company will take on the process of preparation, accounting and execution of the payroll as a representative of the client. It can be done by prearranged periods or modes, and according the employer-employee’s obligations. The historical reports of incomes and expenses are speeded up, and adapted to the specific requirements of each client. The employer-employee contractual relationship is the client’s responsibility, while The Payroll Company’s responsibility is limited to managing the payroll process.



The Payroll Company takes responsibility for the client’s complete processes in its own, or the client’s facilities, as preferred. Our duties include assigning the appropriate staff, and training, producing and managing tasks. Our group of engineers will develop a mapping to define indicators, resources and timetables, to shape negotiation processes based on production units, instead of people units. Planillas TPC has extensive experience with this type of services. Among our clients there are call centers, image digitalization platforms, costumer’s service, payable accounts offices, and others.



Through this service, The Payroll Company will work as a representative of the client and will be in charge of recruiting the human resources, according to the requisites and profiles defined for each available position.
Our Selection Process includes tools such as behavioral interview, psychometric tests, personality inventory, references crosschecking, and analysis of judicial/credit information, among others. These tools enable us to choose the best candidate according to the requisites and our client’s corporate culture.